Silly question

I’m starting the Tree of Life afgahn on Monday. I was reviewing the instructions and I have a few question.
[I] The instruction say to CO 180 sts then k 1 row then p 1 row then begin tree pattern[/I]
I wanted to know if I use the long tail cast on do I eliminate the k row because the long tail is my k row?

Note: There is a free link to the pattern but you have to log into the site to get the free pattern.

no, the cast on row is just your cast on row. Then start with your knitting and purling.

No, a cast on is a cast on not a row, no matter which one you use. Knit the next row, and purl the 2nd.

and I just want to say that no question is a silly question. I think many people might want to know the answer to this, so Good Question!

you are a brave soul
i would never be able accomplish this pattern
i used to knit with a group
we had a lady that couldnt grasp how to knit a sweater top down
no fancy stitches
then she showed uo with the back of the sweater done in the tree of life pattern
i guess people need to challange their brains