Silly question re: stopping mid-row and keeping yarn on

Ok, hope I don’t sound like an idiot. What do you all do to keep your yarn from coming off the needles if you have to stop mid-row and put your stuff away? Or for that matter, even if your row is complete? I seem to think that there is somthing out there to stick on your points so that the yarn doesn’t escape but I can’t for the life of me find them to buy. Help!

Yup…they are called point protectors…they come in various forms & sizes. These are my favorite ones. I buy the large ones because they also work on smaller needles, but not vice versa.

since my cats think point protectors are toys to be chewed upon and lost under the buffet, I end up using a rubber band a lot of times.

My cats have ignored my knitting…until now. Two of them don’t care, the third, well, he’s fallen in love with my knitting basket and the color lavender, never paid attention to any other color yarn.

Rubber bands are an excellent idea! (Going to throw some in my basket before I forget.)

I generally use point protectors until one of the pets gets them all…then use rubber bands like Hilde, or twist ties in case of emergencies! My cats generally don’t mess with my knitting…well, Moshi will…sometimes he gets on his weird ‘licking plastic’ kick and licks the ziplock bags my yarn is in…DRIVES ME CRAZY :shock:

:roflhard: :roflhard:
that is too funny. Cats really are wierd. :shock: :inlove:

Your cat licks plastic too, Rebecca? He should meet my cat - maybe they would be friends!

Once my cat got himself wrapped up in my yarn when he started playing with the ball and I couldn’t get it away from him (his claws are sharp!), and then he got freaked out about being wrapped in yarn and took off! I had to enlist help to catch him and get my knitting back.

my cats are constantly licking plactic! I thought it was an odd thing that only they do but I guess not. Anyone know why cats do this. It drives me NUTS!