Silly Question....Is There a Right Way to Roll Yarn?

I am very, very new at this. I have a “thing” of yarn that when you pull it from the conter it comes out nicely and never gets knotted or anything. Am I supposed to take that and roll it into a ball? Why do people roll yarn into balls? If I am supposed to, is there a “special way” to do it?

If yarn comes in a skein then you don’t NEED to roll it into a ball. If it comes in a hank then you do need to roll it. Toward the bottom of this page is info on how to roll your own center pull balls if you don’t have a ball winder. It’s easy, I do it all the time. :wink:

Thank you so much. I wasn’t even thinking that there would be a video on how to do it.
I like your quote “No project is complete without cat hair on it.” That is so true.

THANKS :smiley:

:roflhard: You’re welcome!

In the (stollen) words of my dXh "if it aint broke, Don’t Fix it"
as long as you can get the yarn to feed out cleanly and easily, leave it be. if it gets all tangled, make it onto a Ball, and drop it in a salad Bowl while you pull from the outside
make a Center Pull ball, like is in the Video linked in the post above mine
I make a CPB (Center Pull Ball) even when I get to the end of a Skein (when its collapsing in on itself)
I love how easy it is


In the book The Sweater Workshop the author describes the Japanese method of making a “yarn cocoon”. You wrap the yarn on your left hand in such a way that it forms a long, center pull “ball”. The yarn is wrapped in what looks like a figure 8 pattern. The great thing about it is that it lies flat so it doesn’t roll around. I will be making one soon so I will try to post a picture.