Silly question, but important

Does wool itch? I want to knit Rogue eventually and it says to use wool because the cables stick out nicely, but I dont want to wear something that wont be comfortable.

I guess some people find wool itchy… I dont. I love wool on my skin. My daughter love it too, but my son hates it.
I knitted my Rogue of wool, with mohair in it, and it is not itchy at all.

hmm, I guess I should just buy some wool yarn and knit a swatch and see…

what yarn did you get?

I would say it depends entirely upon the wool…some is more processed than others; or processed in different ways. I’ve gotten 100% wool in the past (and it was quite expensive and reputable name) that was VERY ITCHY and not well processed, I’m afraid that I still found many pieces of the hay or something that was in the sheep’s fur :shock:
I use KnitPicks’ wool all of the time and don’t find it itchy. Actually, I’ve not found anything itchy from them.
Now…something that is very, very yummy is SouthWest Trading Company’s Karaoke yarn…it’s 50% wool/50% soy silk…heavenly!! I order mine from the girls @ KnitPixie They are very, very sweet, bend over backward to accomodate a cusomer AND you get 10% off if u sign up for the newsletter!

I love wool dont get the itchy thing at all but my best friend says i love you annette and i would love something that you make but i HATE itchy wool.

I agree – some people are jus tsensitive to it. My sister can’t wear any wool at all – it drives her insane. If you’re going to buy from Knitpicks, the Merino Style is softer than WOTA. I think in general Merino tends to be softer…though there are exceptions to every rule.

I was thinking about maybe getting Paton’s merino wool…The skein isn’t too expensive, and you get have the amount of yardage as lion brand’s fisherman’s wool. But you get more than some other online retailers…If I had a job I think I’d be more into buying stuff from an online retailer tho :slight_smile: :shock: The colors are sooo pretty. I just don’t think I could spend over 100 dollars for the entire Rogue. … I’m thinking hopefully less than 50 bucks.

This may I can try it out before I dedicate myself to wool though. I can make a cuff or something to see if I like it against my skin.

Oh crap! WOTA… I just looked at the yardage and everything again…that’s the cheapest thing yet that I can get! That’s only about 25 dollars (without shipping) for Rogue!

oooh. there’s even silk/merino/alpaca blends for 3.29 a skein! I wonder how good that would be for rogue?

YUMMY, if it’s the correct wt yarn!! Sounds divine :wink:

And remember, if you order $30 or more from Knitpicks, shipping is free!

AND they have a great selection of accessories and books, too :wink:

It’s the correct weight :slight_smile: I just can’t wait til my birthday rolls around! I think this will be my present for myself from the money that I may get. :happydance:

I thought about the 30 dollar shipping thing too, and that’s marvelous! I’ll have to browse through the accessories :slight_smile:

I know you already have tons of responses here, but I would say it definitely depends on the wool. Whenever I am sensitive to any of it, it tends to be around my neck line. If you do a swatch, might want to try tucking it under your bra strap and letting it sit against your neck for a while.

As others have said it depends on the wool. Personally I like wook with just a touch of something else in it. Either natural like silk or synthetic like nylon (which can make for some really soft wool). It’s all in the variety of the animal that it comes from, the process it goes through and the age of the animal. Some wool is just tough because it comes from a thick rough coated animal.

That’s a really good idea Kemp! I was sitting here thinking of just rubbing it against my face all day, really! I’d look really coocoo! :shock:

I have spun up some fiber before…and one of them was a natural brown with little pieces of hay still in it, and the other was this pretty maroonish red with streaks of purple in it (I usually don’t like purple). The natural one was REALLY tough and seemed like it would be itchy, and the other was really soft to handle. I’ll have to ask my friend if it was a mix or what.

Knitncook, I was thinking of going with a blend too. Maybe with some silk in it, but that may be way expensive. And I don’t know how the fabric will hang because of all the cables.

If you’re worried about itching, and price is a consideration, and you don’t have your heart set on natural fibers, give Plymouth Encore a shot. Its a wool/acrylic blend that I have used for lots of things–especially for kids because of the washability/itchy factor. Works out great!

where’s that sold at? :thinking:

There’s a lot of it on-line, frequently on sale. My LYS’s have it, but I find that it’s less expensive on the computer. It’s a very popular yarn, and if you Google it you can price shop. Herrschner’s carries it. sells it by the bag a bit cheaper.

thanks for the tip :slight_smile: