Silly question - breaking yarn

Is breaking the yarn the same as cutting it? :blush:

Well, if yours is a silly question, I’m afraid mine might be a silly answer…but I believe a lot of people actually do just break the yarn rather than cutting it…but for myself, I don’t seem very good at it,and so I cut it. Also, if it’s something that needs weaving in with a yarn needle, I find it much easier to thread the needle if I’ve cut, rather than broken the yarn.

Now someone correct me if I’ve missed a point somewhere along the line!

how do you break it??

You pull it until it breaks.

Seems simple, right? I have yet to be able to “break” any yarn. Hands, teeth, and might have all been called into action to no avail. I honestly wish I could break yarn rather than always having to dig out scissors every time. :grrr:

It’s an old fashioned term I think; maybe more people used thin yarn back then, it was easier to break off.

No question is silly :slight_smile: I believe that breaking yarn is the same as cutting it. I am a new knitter also but I believe that is correct

I’ve found most acrylic yarns break pretty easily. Usually I cut the yarn as opposed to “breaking” the yarn; I personally don’t like the frizziness when you break the yarn.

Also, Clover has a yarn cutter pendant that I just LOVE! When I lost my first one, I went to store after store until I found another…lol…What’s awesome about the pendant is well, it’s a pendant…lol…Just find something sturdy to thread through the top of the pendant and wear it around your neck!