Silly Q... about "Big Wool" and needle size

Okay, so I’ve never actually seen Big Wool IRL, nor have I knitted with needles as large as Big Wool requires (#17, apparently!). So here’s my silly question: if all I’m making with it is a scarf, do I want straights that are 10", or does the sheer bulkiness of the yarn require 14" needles? Wanted to make sure before I ordered… thanks in advance for anyone with an answer! :slight_smile:

You’re using straight needles I take it? I’m not sure if that’s the case because I’ve never used bulky yarn. If you were using circulars it wouldn’t matter about the length. You could probably use a 24 in just fine.

For only a scarf, the 10" would be fine. 14" would get in the way too much. I’m with Jan, a circular is the best (if you’re going to buy new needles anyway). I can’t stand knitting with straight needles anymore.