Silly mistake?

Hi all, I know pay attention to the pattern not the tv show survivor…:slight_smile:

I am working on a afghan w/cables. the pattern is 24 rows. I was knitting along not thinking about the cable stitches comming up. But I passed the place that i was to add the cable. Do you think it would be ok to just add them now. I would be adding this cable part on row 7. What do you all think… I really dont want to tink back 460 stitches:waah:


row 1 knit blah blah
row 2 blah blah and every even row.
row 3 same as one
row 5 cable.

It all depends on if it will drive you bonkers or not.

I would tear it out because I am obsessive.

My husband is dismayed every time I frog for “just a little detail.”

You can put in a life line and quickly frog it… You have to ask yourself this… will it bug me when it’s done…if yes… do it and get it over with… if not… go for it…

You can drop the sts involved in the cable when you come to it on the next row, make the cable, then bring up the sts like you do for a dropped stitch. You’ll probably need some dpns to work the cable. You do need to put it in the same row with the others or it’ll look goofy.

I agree with Snowbear.

Install a lifeline, frog the dang thing back, bite the bullet, and re-knit! It’s worth it!

You wouldn’t be asking otherwise. You’d just leave it be and say nothing! :eyebrow: You know you won’t settle for anything less!

Be glad you noticed it now, when you have so few rows to re-do! :cheering:

I would do what Sue suggested. Here’s a tutorial for ya. It’s about fixing a miscrossed cable, but the idea is the same. :slight_smile:

Fix it, or change up the pattern. I encountered this on my son’s scarf, I did one row of crosses 2 rows too late. I just left it saying OK, that marks the middle of the scarf (which will be at the back of his neck anyhow). If it wasn’t in that spot, I might would have said OK, 3 short cables, 1 long cable, 3 short cables, 1 long cable, etc.

And I would adamantly swear I had to “make a small mod to the pattern as I was unhappy with the redundant even-ness of the project and had to change it up to express myself” :mrgreen:

Unless I really didn’t like it. Then I would just do a lifeline and smack it back however many rows anyway. ETA- I would try the fix method first though- that would be really cool to learn!

It’s only 2 rows down so it would be an easy fix. Don’t tink or rip back though! Just do what Sue said and drop down the sts.

I’ve seen the Yarn Harlot tutorial on fixing a cable and I think that would be the easiest to do plus it will be a learning experience. Stephanie makes it look relatively easy and looking at that has made it easier for me to rip back some stitches when I’ve noticed a couple of misknit stitches. You feel so clever when it’s done and back on the needles correctly.

Now see all those stitches all unraveled makes me want to cry… :waah: but I should learn to do this… I love cables… and I’m doing an afghan with lace and cable squares…

I would change the pattern, but I change them all the time, so maybe I’m just crazy (it’s been said before :teehee: )

thank you all.
Well as I sat last night looking at the darn thing I just tinked back the few rows. It acctually went faster tinking the knitting it…go figure.

As for dropping stitches…hmmm I dont think I am that good yet to be able to do that. I would rather RIP the whole thing out before I attempt to drop the stitches. :slight_smile:

agian thanks for all the tips. I will check out the site on the how too’s

:aww: I don’t know what a lifeline is. Can you explain it please?:stuck_out_tongue:

Amy has a video here. Scroll down mid-page under the sub-title FIXING MISTAKES…you will see “Using a lifeline”.

The section that these videos are located is called Knitting TIPS.

ArtLady1981…Thanks for the link. I tink and frog so much this is probably something I need!:frog:

I admire a knitter that will frog and tink til she gets it right!
Way to go! :thumbsup: