Silly Knits (Not Gonna Happen In MY House)

A while back, one of my favorite podcasts (Knit Together) did a show called What Not To Knit. It was a kind-hearted discussion of things they would NOT want to knit. They did a great job of mentioning projects without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Today in my email I got this from Knitting Daily and I thought an interesting discussion here would be what would you NOT knit or NOT wear?!? I hope this doesn’t turn into a heated discussion :teehee: LOL!

I mean, really…?!? What the…:hmm:

(Champagne Fizz Hat)

I wouldn’t waste my time!!!
No one would wear it!!!

:roflhard: Oh man, I would LOVE to see someone wearing that! Even the model looks like she feels dumb wearing it :teehee:

Seriously though, there are some things I just don’t get…I mean yes, knitting is definitely enjoyable, but, it’s a lot of work and if you’re going to invest a lot of time into a project, wouldn’t you want it to be something awesome?! Well, there are those things that are awesome simply because they’re so ridiculous…lol…But yeah, there are a lot of things I’ve seen that I know I would never touch because there’s no way I’m going to invest a lot of time on something that’s just ridiculous…and not in a good way…lol

OH! Which brings me to a pattern I saw in the most recent issue of Knit in Style: the “Big Stitch Capelet”…It’s awful (no offense to anyone who may like it…lol)! With big boxy shoulders and way too thick yarn! You definitely have to have a very slender figure to get away with wearing that one (if you’re even brave enough…lol).

Ok, wow, when I saw that the first thing that came to mind was Tina Turner in Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome :smiley:

I got that same email and of course I did look at the patterns. When the hat showed up I never laughed so much in my life. Not even my GD would wear that.


:roflhard: AHHH! It’s so true!!! :roflhard:

Now I believe that way back in my mother’s pattern books there is a hat that is all covered in pompoms and I actually like it. The ball are small and cute. The boxy look is definitely out. Mad Max can keep it. Do you remember a little while ago someone posted a link to some really disgusting outfits worn by the whole family. I think that fits this category of what never to knit. If you won’t wear it don’t knit it!!!

Kind of looks like what the NFL players wear under their jerseys.

Perhaps that capelet is for “babes” that play roller derby? Based on the a strategic opening in the front. :thumbsup:

I saw that. It’s awful, I can’t imagine anyone wearing it or wasting time to knit it! :shock:

I’m with y’all. The time invested, and the expense, even for cheap yarn makes it not even worth it for a joke, to me! (I did send the link to that hat to my dd and “threatened” to knit it for her! :rofl: )

Yeah, these I guess can be considered “using your knitting powers for evil, not for good” :teehee:

When I turned the page and saw that- I was like OH DEAR GOD!

I wholeheartedly agree. It was so full-on horrid that I showed it to a friend… who claimed to like it.

Apologies all around to the designer & anyone who likes it. It’s not for me though.

Here’s my personal fave. Tell me this dude wasn’t paid big money to wear this.

RE the champagne fizz hat- when I read the description I really did LOL

“This hat nods to high fashion with its 37 pom-poms,”

Then again I know very little about fashion… (thank goodness!)

This looks like the ultimate gag gift you knit for someone and watch them try to like it and find nice things to say about it. Then you give them their [I]real [/I]gift and have some laughs:roflhard: … of course, you’d have to know the person very well…

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yeah, with the champagne fizz hat I thought, “what were they thinking?” Knitting Daily usually comes up with such CUTE patterns. It was about the only e-mail that I didn’t download the freebie patterns.

Yes, the capelet reminded me of football pads, too. Geez, my shoulders are big enough. I always have to cut regular shoulder pads out, even when they were fashionable.

Rofl, I don’t think anyone could come up with a better description than that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’d never knit Houndstooth Cardigan from that same catalog, tbh, it just seems like… Well, a mixture between retro of all sorts and all kinds of different years.
Not my taste.:aww:

you might want to watch this video:


and just because this website is funny