Silly but sad

On Sunday I visited with a long time friend. I brought my needles and a simple project to work on during the car trip and such. At some point in time I lost one of my needles. They were the first ones I knit with and its kinda silly how much I liked em. I can not believe I was so careless and lost em. I have looked all over, in her car, in the parking lot and just can’t find em.
I wanted to post, cause, well my husband thinks its a little funny that I would be so attached. He is not being mean or anything but I think he just can’t quite relate. Surely this has happened to other knitters too?

oh yeah…many times!!! I get it!!!

<hugs> I can totally relate… my favourite crochet hook has been missing for a few months. :frowning:

I’m sorry :frowning: Not silly at all. I have had things I assumed long gone turn up at the strangest times… maybe your needle will too! :heart:

Mama Bear

Thanks for the hugs and understanding. Yall do make me feel better.

Urgh I’d be so upset to lose my favourite needles! I can also relate =D

I do so hope it turns up. I would freak if I lost my addi’s

I completely understand! The last one I lost was one of my dpn - my doggie thought it made a nice chewie. Not nice.

On the bright side - it’s an excuse to go shopping for new ones! :wink:

I was just tearing my house apart last night looking for a lost needle. My husband was completely unsympathetic since I have like three other pairs in that size. He just didn’t understand those were my FAVORITE size 7s! You need different needles for different yarns!!

The Yarn Harlot has a passage in one of her books about trying to find a lost needle in a rental car. She refused to let her husband return the car until she found it. Great trauma and frustration ensued because he couldn’t understand how that one needle would be worth an extra day’s rental.

She found it stuck in her hair. :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

That is so Stephanie!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: I can’t wait until her book tour this time around. I wasn’t able to make it to meet her last time she was in Winnipeg, but you’ll bet I’ll be booking the night off of work for that!!!

I can relate - literally.

A crochet hook in my collection went missing once. I was in tears, trying to find it. It had belonged to my great-grandmother, who was a true master of the art of crochet. I did eventually find it, to my relief.

I keep hers in a special place now, and still use them. They’re all finer gauge hooks, as she did a lot of thread crochet - tablecloths, bedspreads, that sort of thing. I also have the baby blanket she knit for me more than 30 years ago. You can tell it was commenced before I was born; the colors are pale pink, white and blue, and it was crocheted in a sc chevron pattern, with a pink fan edging on the long sides.

I can tell you how a guy could possibly relate - if he lost one of the tools from his precious toolbox!

I could relate to a lost needle. Hope you find it. :frowning:

I think they are probably gone. I have turned the house upside down looking and my friend swears they are no where in her car. I think I must of dropped it out of the car when we stopped to get a drink. Still bums me out to think I did that, poor needle left in a parking lot =\

My husband went out and bought me a replacement pair, soo not the same. These are these big ugly gold ones lol. The thought was sweet though, can’t deny his heart was in the right place. On the same day he brought home the replacement pair my three year old son stomped on a sock in the making, breaking two of my birch dpns. :crying:

Thanks everyone for bein so sweet and makin me laugh. Yall are simply the best! :heart: