Signature Progress Bar?

Hi, I need help with this. I looked it up in Ravelry and for the life of me could not figure it out. I copy and pasted the thing and it doesn’t seem to work for me here. Is there another place where I can make my own progress bar that speaks to me in regular not-so-great-with-computer language? TIA!


Are you using Blogger? This is all I can talk about since I only know Blogger.
First, request your API code from Ravelry.
There are 2 parts of the code.
Use the Layout feature (in Blogger) 'and add a Gadget.'
Then choose 'HTML/Javascript/'
Then paste part one of the API code into the box.
Go back and cut part 2 of the code and paste it under part 1 in the same box.
If you’d like to show pictures of your projects in addition to the progress bars, don’t cut and paste part 2.
Cut and paste this:
<script> RavelryThing.drawProgressBars({color: ‘#506d42’, photos: true}); </script>

BTW - this thread helped me the most!

Is this what you mean?

Thanks for your responses.

Knitpurlgurl, I guess I am not using blogger since I have no idea what this means :teehee:

Jan in Ca, it sort of looks like that but instead of a pregnancy chart you can list the items you are knitting and their process. for example: Baby Sweater 40% , Vogue baby blanket 20%…and so on. I think I’m just going to type it in manually. I was hoping to get a really nifty looking one.

Oh I see. I’ve only seen those in blogs. Where did you want to put it?

Don’t mean to but in, but I have a question. Where could I put a ticker that only I could see? I want to use the debt reduction one. Any ideas?

Puddin’ the only place I can think of is a private blog. :shrug:

Is there such a thing and if so, how do I get one?

I think Blogger can be made private. I just checked and it has place where you can select ‘who can view this blog’ and choose anyone, people I choose, or blog author only.

You are so smart. Thank you.

Then if your blog doesn’t call it ‘gadget,’ it must say something about adding HTML content… that’s the same thing. :slight_smile: Peek at my blog and see if that’s what it is you want. (It’s in the left column)

:teehee: I liked this ticker thingee! (counting down hubby’s fishing trip) Should be at the end of my rope by then! :thumbsup:

Another idea that I use, is create an empty text file and copy/paste the coding you want into it. When you save it, choose “all files” in the bottom drop down menu. When naming it, call it “namehere.html” The .html is the part needed. It creates a webpage on your computer.
To use it, just open it like a regular document (double click), it will open up in your browser but is not on the internet.
I personally save them in my documents, I have one for time clocks (because I get so confused with all the american time zones compared to mine) and another for tickers.