*sigh* untwisting?

Okay so i started the flapper hat tonight. i decided to make it a smidge bigger than the instructions suggested because i wanted to make sure it would fit my noggin if i decided to keep it. so i cast on the ridiculous number of stitches needed to make the ruffled edges and then started knitting two together all the way around twice. mind you i cast on about 300 or so stitches on a 24 inch cable. (btw what manner of h*ll are they putting people through trying to get them to cast on more that 200 stitches onto a set of DPNs…that’s just sadistic!) and worked really hard to make sure the stitches were all facing in. well somewhere in the process of knitting them together it twisted and now there is a twist in my hat. i have not gotten very far in the hat so i have to believe there can be a fix…mostly i just don’t want to have to cast on 300ish stitches again if i don’t have to. i am only about 3 rows in and i am already liking the look of this pattern. am i doomed to the visiting the frog?

Yes. Sorry.

The only way to fix it would be if you were putting in a steek anyway, as in a cardigan. Then you could sew and cut the steek and untwist it. I suppose you could sew and cut the knitting you have, but I don’t think it would look too good on the brim of a hat.

When you do it again, after you cast on, put the needle on the table and make sure all of the cast on row is on the inside of the circle. It should help.

sigh yeah that’s what i thought but i was hopin’. I did actually make sure they were all inside but there are so many stitches that they kept moving i guess as i was knitting. oooooooooohkay…i will go start over or turn it into a clown collar! :wink:

thanks ingrid!