Sideways Sweaters

I’m so exited! I figured out how to make a sweater completely in one piece!:woohoo: You start with the right sleeve and knit that until the shoulder, then cast on stitches on each side of the sleeve to make the front and back sides. Then knit until the next sleeve:knitting:. Bind off the cast on stitches and knit the next sleeve. To finish sew up the sides. A neck hole can be added while knitting or cut later. You cn use any any stitch for this so the possibilities are endless. (to be sure you are doing it right, in the end it should look like it was knit sideways. Whereas it’s usually knit in pieces up and down.)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…now months later i buy a knitting pattern book and almost all of its patterns are knit in almost the same way.

Yep. There are lots of sideways or cuff to cuff sweater patterns. :thumbsup:

there’s a pattern just like that in the “weekend knitting” book i have…garter stitch the whole thing…so adorable…have yet to knit…check it out.
:slight_smile: julia

ha! loved this post because I’m about 80% through with my own self-designed side-to-side!


I believe I tried working on something similiar once for my a family friend. It turned out rather interesting. some how a little off, but looked like a shirt:)