Sideways cables?


A relatively new knitting friend of mine was asking me… is there a way to knit cables [I]sideways[/I]? In other words, horizontally? She was wanting to know so that she could put them along the bottom of a garment, like a sweater. Am I right in guessing that the only way to do that would be to knit a cabled strip and knit it to the bottom (picking up stitches)?

KG :wink:

I think you can use increases and decreases to make them slant, but for horizontal you’d do a cable strip and then pick up stitches. Cables are less stretchy I think so keep that in mind on a garment.

Yes Knitting Daily just had a show with a cable hat which is knit from bottom to top but has horizontal cables. Just as Jan said, it’s done with increases and decreases.
ETA: episode 913, endless loop cables.

Very interesting, thanks for the link. Are those true cables or faux cables? Either way, it looks like a horizontal cable. Pretty cool.