Side Seam Finishing

I am down to the finishing of the dread Snake Bitten Vest :cheering: and would like to ask opinions about the best and/or easiest side seam finishing method. The body of the vest is St st with garter stitch edging around the armholes, neck and bottom; a basic simple Oat Couture pattern which is open in the front and has a tie closure. Thank you so much all you experts! :heart:
Susan the Sop 1 in NC (where it’s way too hot for vest wearing!!!)
PS I already did the shoulder seams with 3 needle bind off.

Mattress Stitch would be your best bet for a nice finished looking seam (it’s about 2/3 way down the page I linked)

Thank you so much! :thumbsup:
Sop 1

You’re very welcome! :smiley: