"Shrug this"

Hi guys,

Has anyone made one of these?

or same pattern different link:

I want to make one for my 10yr old daughter now with bamboo cotton yarn on a size 4 mm needles. I figured my measurements would be 13/11/25/11/13. I’ve done a swatch and my gauge is 21 st for 4". My daughter is slim but she wants it to close at the front. I would also like it a bit loose so she can wear it for a while.

Thanks for your help.

I started this and ended up doing a few more stitches 14/12/28/12/14 = 80.

The boarders I’m doing in seed stitch (5 stitches all sides) and the stitch markers I took out (they just bothered me).

It’s looking good! and I’m already thinking of the next one!

Sounds good. It’s a very cute shrug and your increases should work well.

Yes, it’s coming along just fine and l keep putting it on my daughter to measure as l go along. Picture in link below. So gad I found the courage to do this!

I have continued pass the sleeves. My daughter loves it so far. She wants me to leave the edge of the sleeves in stockinet stitch so that they curl up. See pictures in the link below.