Shrug on Knitty Gritty Today

I was watching Knitty Gritty just now and Amy, the designer, had on this really cool shrug. It was short sleeved and looked like it was just done in a rectangle maybe and then sewn for the sleeves.:shrug:

Did anyone else see this and, if so, how does this new knitter go about making something like this?


I know she has talked in the past about some of her on screen wardrobe on her blog:

you may want to dig around there…

No luck there. I’m actually thinking of the shrug that her [U]guest[/U] had on, not actually Vickie. Amy was her name and it was a really pretty, crocheted (I think) shrug that just wrapped around her back and came together with short sleeves.

I was wondering how you would go about designing one of these to fit? It almost sounds like you start small, increase it for the back and then bring it back to the small size. I don’t know. I keep “seeing” it in my head but I don’t know how to put it on paper.:?


This is her website:

I think the shrug you are talking about is in the patterns section.

You’re right! And right after I posted the first request, I went there, found Amy’s email, she replied in about 15 minutes, and I just sent the PayPal payment.

Can’t wait to give it a go.

Thanks for your help,

Awesome - have fun making it :D.