Show off your dyed yarns!

since we now have an actual go-to forum for dyeing, i thought i would start a place to show off our dyed yarns… here are some i have done…
up next will be Lizzy’s Yarn, a blue, violet and green yarn… probably tonight :mrgreen:

just a few

My first official wool dyeing experience: This is recycled wool from a thrift store sweater, dyed with blue and green PAAS Easter egg dyes. I poured the green dye on one side of the bowl and blue on the other. The bottom ball is the original color.

My first attempt- cant figure out what to make right now tho :slight_smile:

Named the colors Valentines and Cotton Candy, since that’s what they make me think of :teehee:

:cheering: Everyone’s yarn is sooo pretty!! :happydance:

These are beautiful. I can’t wait until I can get a little time to start dying my own too! I’ve been doing lots of reading up on it!


Heh what timing! I just logged on to post a pic of my first attempt - royal blue and a dark olive green.

Everyone’s hand dyed yarn looks so pretty!

:cheering: i love seeing everyones yarns! i love the ‘cotton candy’- great striping… and the olive green/blue pretty. will post a new one tomorrow

:cheering: pretty!! I’ve been wanting to try a green and blue… and then a pink and brown… I need a better set up lol by the time I put the kids to bed… get everything back in order I’m to lazy to drag it all out to dye :rofl:

Oh wow!
I’m in :heart: with them all…

I’ve tried some koolaid and Easter egg dyeing lateley, but I can’t get the bright color I’m wanting. Does anyone have any ideas how to brighten a color?

I just dyed this for the store.

kemp! i :heart: the colors… so bright and cheery!

leah- try mixing more kool-aid with your water. like 4 packs to 16 ounces of hot water, soak your roving or yarn in hot water and a generous splash of vinegar for at least 20 minute up to 1 hour. remove the roving/yarn and squeeze out the water. if you are doing one color you dont have to worry about it mixing, so i would just lay the material coiled or like a W on top of a white garbage bag. (i use white ones so i can easily see the dye and the material) Pour half the dye on the top surface, then squish it in and flip the material over and pour the rest on, squishing it in again. check to make sure it has penetrated through. wrap it up like a burrito, then either microwave it or steam it on the stove top. check it after 2 minutes in the microwave 30 on stovetop. looks good? your done. not done? 2 more minutes in microwave, you should be done, 15- 30 more on stovetop. your other option is you could add the yarn after you’ve put the dye on in a pot with water that has come to a simmer. turn it off, add the yarn, and let it soak for at least 30 minutes. this should get you more even results.

Soooooo pretty! :heart: :heart:

When you dye with 2 colors…and you use 2 different containers…isnt there a bare area between colors? How do you avoid that?

I paint mine on… so I take a differnt yarn acrylic scraps… and tie it where I want the color changes… then I paint what color I want in between each tied off section… I did have a little white on my last one but not much at all…

here is my Lizzy Yarn… hanging out to dry :happydance:

Here are my few attempts at dyeing with Kool-Aid:

My very first handspun yarn, dyed with Lime Kool-Aid, and knit into a little change-purse.

Some vintage wool (originally yellow) that I dyed with green Easter Egg dye.

I made a mix of PAAS Easter Egg Dye and Kool-Aid for dyeing this batch of wool. It turned out a nice shade of rose. (Pink Egg Dye and Soaring Strawberry Lemonade Kool-Aid).

I used Strawberry Tea Kool-Aid in boiling water to dye this yarn. I’m very pleased with the results. (I think it looks like a plate of red spaghetti, sitting on that paper plate like that.) :teehee:

Jeanius… :inlove: Thats gorgeous!

Shandeh! That yellow took the green SO prettyliy!

here is lizzy’s yarn, all caked up and ready to go…

Proof that coffee can, indeed, do everything:

[size=2]Mod Squad was here! Photo resize~~Angelia[/size]

riverdaughter- i love the color the coffee gave you! so soft and subtle