Show off finishing?

I need to make a small piece that shows off my finishing skills. But, I have no idea what to make. I’m thinking a small sweater, but I’m not sure. Any ideas???

What type of ‘finishing’ skills…seaming or adding different edges to objects? If seaming, I would say a quick top…and I pm’ed u

I’d say both! TY! Trying to find top patterns in miniature…really don’t have time for a life size garment right now!

You could make a teddy bear sweater- that was the first thing that I tried to make. You could do ribbing, a neckline, and seaming. Just small!!

That’s what I thought of–doll clothes. There are American Girl patterns–you can also make a dog sweater or something.

Ingie, what’s an American Girl pattern? I must have missed out! :shock:

Patterns for American Girl dolls…i.e.18" dolls.

I LOVE American girl dolls…I want one!!! They are so sweet! We are getting my 2 yr old granddaughter the baby one for Christmas :smiley:
[size=2]I still want one, tho[/size]

ARe you doing the master knitters program?

I thought you’d be of the American Girl Dolls generation… :thinking:


Guess I’m not, Ingie…LOL ty for the link!