Shoulder Shawl and full shawl ideas please

OK, I made a scarf that I posted on “Whatcha’ Knitting” that my dd is modeling. It’s called a diagonal squares scarf. I love the pattern. I want to make it into a shawl. Am I correct in thinking that I just make the sections bigger (10 st to say 15 st) and only increase on left side (or right side) and not increase or decrease on the other. (I know it would be started on one side and worked to the other, not begining at the point, so at least I have that much figured out. I think maybe I need some graph paper to figure this out.) Then once I get to the middle, start decreasing on the same side?? I used a size 8 needle for the scarf and am thinking a 10 or 11 for the shawl.

Also, I saw a lady at our local Farmer’s Market and she had the most beautiful shoulder shawl on. I’ve looked at tons of patterns and have seen nothing like it. Let’s see if I can explain it.

It looked like a hankerchief with long arms (???). The back section below your neck was “scooped” out slightly, so I"m thinking they bound off and then knitted a few more rows to give it that effect. But it only goes down about 10-12 inces from the base of the neck to form a point.

From the point it was knitted on both sides to narrow down to arms. It looks just like a scarf (width wise for the “arms”), then widens to cover the shoulders and upper back. She told me a friend made it and it was made out of soy yarn. It was beautiful, but I’m going crazy looking for the pattern.

Dumb me didn’t check to see if it was started at the point and then increased, or it was started on one of the ends and worked from end to end.

Does this ring a bell to anyone?

Any help would be appreciated.

Most rectangular shawls are just bigger scarves, so yes, try out the diagonal one and make it larger. I don’t remember a shawl like you describe, but I might think of a way to figure it out. If I do, I’ll let you know.

But can I make it into a triangle just by adding to one side and not doing anything to the other?

I’m not sure what pattern you used with the scarf, but if you add a stitch at the beginning of every row, you’ll get a triangle.

I found this “shoulder shawl” at the Caron website:

Also, this little wrap from Lion Brand site:

Was it something like this?
I could probably work out a basic translation for you if
needed :slight_smile: