Shoulder seams with knits and purls


I have finished knitting the back and 2 front panels of my cardigan. The instructions simply say to seam together but I can’t work out how to do it as I cast off in pattern, meaning I can’t line up the knits and purls. All tutorials I have watched show the seaming together of two swatches with just knit stitches at the top. If anyone could help I’d be very grateful, I don’t like being stuck at the last hurdle!

The pattern I am following is King Cole 5690, pictured below.

This may help, particularly at around 7 min 58 sec (if you open the chapters it’s the one with the rib stitch swatches) as you will be able to see how knits and purls meet head to head and how the mattress stitch seam works on these two types of stitches on a shoulder (bind off edge to bind off edge) by picking up 2 legs/strNds each time. I know you don’t have rib stitch but the mattress stitch seam should give a good result.

Hope this helps

Gorgeous sweater and lovely knitting by you.
You can always do a back stitch to work the seam. Have you tried a mattress stitch where you work the knits as shown in the videos and pick up two legs of the purls in a similar way? If you stretch the purls down a bit you’ll see the two legs. I haven’t tried this so you might make 2 small swatches and see how it works with the stepped bind off in the mix too.

I’ve just done fitted set in sleeves with mattress stitch, so not sloped bind off but the sleeve cap is shaped joining to the armhole, it’s in 2x2 rib and the result is very nice.