Shoulder seaming - striped sweater

I knit a striped sweater, and it’s been sitting for a month, unseamed, because I can’t figure out how to seam the arms onto the body of the sweater without the yarn showing. The stripes don’t always match up 100%, so I can’t switch colour each time I come to a new stripe.

I searched for different seaming methods and I just kept coming up with the mattress stitch, but that doesn’t work around the curves of the shoulder.

Does anybody know any tricks for invisible seaming for shoulders?

And just for reference - here is a picture of the sweater when it was partially finished.

Do you get "Knitty Gritty"on DIY Network??? Cause of few weeks back (you can view the programs online) Sally Melville was co-hosting and she did all sweater patterns…She did mention of few specific ways of seaming the sides and shoulders…Maybe find the site (DIY or HGTV) online and check it out :shrug: Good Luck xxx

This might help

I thought sleeves did use mattress stitch… :thinking:

You probably came across these when you searched, but if not…

Thank you for the links and suggestions. I recognize a couple of the links already as ones I found while googling, but some of them are new to me, and may have something that will help me.

I think I’m having problems with the mattress stitch because of my decreases and shaping. It’s not always clear where the spot is to pull through the yarn. Also, the knitting is facing different directions that just seaming the front and back pieces together. :shrug:

This is a great article. Scroll down a bit and there are pictures of mattress for sleeves/body.