Should size 10 crochet yarn be rolled in a ball?

I’ve never worked with yarn this thin. I’m combining carron simply soft and aunt Lydia’s metallic size 10 as a single strand in a little crown I’m making for my first grandchild. I’ve never crocheted or knit with two strands before. But I’ve been practicing so I’m sure I will be fine. Though I have noticed the aunt lydia’s size 10 metallic is knotting up a little. So I was wondering should I roll it into a ball? Thanks in advance,

It might help to roll it into a ball instead of pulling off a cone. If the yarn is in a ball already it may help to put it in a bowl or a bag so that it can freely move around as you pull the strand.
Don’t wind the two yarns together as that almost never works. One yarn always gets used up more quickly than the other.
I’m looking forward to seeing the crown which sounds adorable.


Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: