Should I let my 16 yr old daughter get her navel pierced?

OK… you guys always have great imput on things… my 16 yr old daughter wants to get her belly button pierced… at first I thought well… OK, it’s fairly harmless… but I looked on web md and they said you can get hepatitus and even HIV …She is now mad at me for being such a fuddy duddy…Do any of you have experience with this? Thanks for helping me be a better mom.

I dopn’t have any piercings but several of my friends do and they’ve had no bad experiences ( well one had an allergic reaction to the metal used but that doens’t count:P ) I think as long as you go to a reputable piercer and make sure they use clean instruments there shouldn’t be a problem.

My daughter had hers done when she was fourteen. I was out here visiting my now husband for a month and she was back home. It wasn’t done right the first time and had to be redone but it was due to the positioning of it. The only trouble she had with it was from ME!! :tap:

I have no piercings, but do have several tats. If it’s done in a clean shop that uses FRESH UNOPENED needles, it shouldn’t be a problem. Steer well clear of any place that sterilizes and reuses their needles and other tools that pierce the skin.

My step-sister’s piercing got infected. And she was very careful and meticulous about keeping it clean. It was really disgusting. It took awhile to heal.

I think the navel is the worst for getting infected, make sure she cleans it properly or else she could get blood poisoning. Personally I am allergic to anything other than silver or gold, even surgical steel makes my skin react so make sure she knows if she is allergic to any metals as well.

I would be inclined to say no (bet you’re not surprised) but only because of what I’ve read about infections. I would also be inclined to wonder why she wants it pierced. I tend to be pretty conservative. I have no problem with piercings…my dd has two in each ear as well as one higher up on her ear, but I would question exactly “who” she’s doing the naval piercing for.

I would tell my dd that she can pay for it when she’s on her own…but not now.

Just my .02. :hug:

NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! Oh, come now, modern science and cleanliness can probably make it okay and keep her from getting an infection but do you really think she’s old enough to make this kind of a decision? And think about it, who’s she gonna be impressing with it and why? Believe me, I’m not standing here being negative because I never did anything like this but I did eventually decide that it was just a phase and was glad I’d lived through it or glad I decided not to do it…

Lord, help me, I’m my mother! :teehee:

Okay, I’m off the soapbox, just another opinion! MARY

This subject has never come up in my household, but if it did, I’d tell my 16 year old son no you’re not getting a belly ring/earring/nose ring/eye brow/tongue piercing, but when he’s 18, then he’s legally an adult and can get one without my permission.

I think she would have to pay for it and she would DEFINTELY have to make good grades before I’d let her.

I just worry about how boys see that sort of thing. I’m sure many think nothing of it, but what about they ones that think she’s sending a message.

I do think girls with flat bellies (NOT me) look great in them, but there is NOTHING wrong with being a ‘fuddy duddy’. You just want what’s best for her.

tough decision. Good luck!

Is she a good student? is she a responsible child? Has she been having discipline problems? Does she have a job to pay for the piercing herself?

If she is a good student, a responsible child, has a job to pay for it herself and has not had any discipline problems I would say let her have it. Why? because its not permanent. They can be removed. Having a peircing doesn’t say anything you are not telling the boys by your behavior. I have a tattoo and 8 piercings. I didn’t drink, or do drugs while in high school or mess with boys. I paid for my tattoo and piercings myself. I also paid for college and law school myself. Just because you have piercings and tattoos does not say anything. The message is the one you give by your actions. If she is giving a message that she is a good responsible girl, then having a navel ring is not going to change that.

My navel piercing did not get infected. It looks pretty. she has to take care of it for 1 year EVERY day. Be sure she knows that. its just like your earrings. if you do not want an ugly hole you have to take care of it. they also sell rings that are nude so it wont show if you don’t want it to.

I have a good job and no one knows that I have a navel piercing or am tattooed. At the company retreat some people saw my navel ring at the pool and were shocked because they thought I was so prissy. :rofl: :rofl: So if she is a good responsible girl, I say let her. It didn’t do me any harm.

Wow, I really appreciate all the imput here…I am still feeling undecided…Yes, some info about my daughter would be helpful… she is getting straight A’s (except one B in Chemestry)… she works very hard at her school work, she takes dance and excels at that… She does not drink (Sophores in HS now mostly all drink alcohol)…
She wanted me to buy her a “purity ring” which she wears proudly
to school (“True Love Waits”), so she is a good girl…active in a church group… that is one reason I was considering letting her do it, because teenagers need to rebel in some way, and I would rather her do something like a body piercing than drugs, cigs, sex. etc, etc etc!! It does worry me though the message it would send… she has a date for a dance coming up that I think she wants to impress him… But, I really don’t understand what the message a navel piercing sends? Look at my belly?? I am too old to have a teenager…

Your daughter sounds awesome!

Here’s the thing, though. If you have reservations about the naval ring, just tell her no. Who cares if she thinks you’re a fuddy duddy. Teenagers naturally think that of their parents. It sounds like you are doing a great job raising her, but when you give the ocassional no, it should mean just that.

:hug: to whatever you decide.

The difference between a teenager and a puppy is after six months the puppy stops whining.

Absolutely not!! If you’re in the US, they have very strict restrictions on piercing and tattoing. I have a friend that went to jail for 6 months for working on a girl two days shy of her 18th birthday.

Besides the fact that the navel is slow to heal, constantly gets irritated due to the rise of clothing, and easily infected. Should she desire to obtain such a piercing when she is of legal age, I say more power to her. I’ve already told my daughter I’ll drive her there myself…when she’s 18.

I’ve got tats, and have had my tongue pierced twice, so it’s not like I’m totally against the idea. Just take into consideration that it’s illegal for her to have body piercings done before she’s 18 and she can risk the person doing it their freedom.

I am all for tats and piercings. I have 6 tattoos and 2 (non earlobe) piercings.

It sounds like she’s a good girl. Ultimately the decision is yours on wether she’s old enough or responsible enough. So I’ll stay out of that argument.

As far as infection and risk goes, if you go to a reputable tattoo/piercing shop, the risk of AIDS or Hepatitis is practically nil. Make sure they use a new needle out of a steril package. They should open it right there in front of you. If they don’t, then refuse it and ask for a new PACKAGED needle. I would NEVER go to a shop that wasn’t WELL known and reputable in my town. Never. Ever. Ever. Even for a free tattoo. :noway:

However, the naval piercing is one of the most notorious for infections due to clothing, sweat, and germs. But theres no reason that she can’t take good care of it and keep it clean and healthy. Again, depends on her responsibility… your call.

Even if it does get infected, with proper care, it’s like any other wound. She may need to take it out, and it’ll heal, leaving a tiny if any scar. Sure, under bad circumstances, it could turn into a nasty infection and not heal, leaving a gaping hole in her belly. But Mom, are you really gonna let that happen?

Piercings are NOT permenant. If you think she’s old enough, and responsible enough, I say let her have her fun while she still has a flat tummy. :thumbsup:

This is true, if you decide to let her get it. Do research on the place, make sure it’s reputable, take a look around. I only have ear piercings and one tattoo, and boy did I agonize over that.

Though personally I think she’s too young. But that’s just me, maybe.

My mom always said “So long as it isn’t permanent, illegal, or dangerous go ahead” lol.

I had my eyebrow peirced when I was 16, and LOOOVED it. I ended up removing it a few years later. My mom made me check up on all the proper care, and I of course payed for it myself.

Tattoo’s had to wait till I was 18. She wanted no part in any permanent additions.

While the potential for an infection could be dangerous, so long as she goes to a good peircer, with you there, pays for it herself, and keeps it clean, she should be ok.

She may also not really want to impress anyone but herself. My mom thought I was trying to impress my friends with my eyebrow, but I truly just thought it looked really neat and fit with my personality. As I got older I decided that it didn’t fit anymore. Same for my cousin actually. She has had tonge, bellybutton, nose and eyebrow done when she was 14-17. She ended up ditching them all at some point or another, except her bellybutton until recently when she became pregnant.

She sounds like a good and responsible teenager. A piercing like that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal to me. She can always take it out later if she changes her mind.
I wouldn’t worry about who she’s trying to impress. It could easily be nobody. I had my ears pierced at 14 and wanted it for myself. It’s much better that she’s talking to you about it than sneaking off and just having it pierced on her own, like some people I know or getting in trouble with the other things you mentioned.
As for the dance comming up is she planning on wearing a dress? because it wouldn’t show anyway, or is she planning on wearing one of those skirt and tank top looking things (its been a while since I went to a high school dance…)
If you’re still worried about somthing, talk to her about it.
I would let her get her belly button pierced.

Yes; she can tget hepatitis or HIV if she has her friend do it for her in a bathroom at school or in the mall. If you take her to a tattoo and piercing studio then the chances of that are greatly reduced as long as they are using clean needles that are opened in front of you from their sealed packages. I will NOT get a piercing from a mall kiosk or store that offers “free piercings with a purchase of earrings.” Despite their “safety training” it is not sanitary!! My girls have both gotten their ears pierced at a tattoo studio. I must have looked like the worlds biggest weirdo mom taking my 8 yo into a tat place :slight_smile:

The only concern about a navel piercing is that it can migrate with weight fluctuation. This generally isn’t a big deal. I did have a friend who had to remove her piercing after she got pregnant as it was trying to migrate out of her navel as her belly expanded.