Should I buy 16" circs too?

So, I ordered my KP Harmony set, but since it doesnt come with a 16" cable, should I be buying these? or would Magic Loop suffice? I havent even knitted in the round yet so I dont really know what to expect that way or whether Magic Loop is simply not practical that way. I do plan on knitting hats for adults and kids, etc.


Try ML first and see how it works. I knit adult hats on 24" needles, usually with a stitch increase after the ribbing and then the knitting fits around it fine. To get started and after the decreases, I use this modified version of ML - Modified Magic Loop which uses shorter needles than you need for a full ML.

I have used 16" cables for hats - but you need to switch to dpns at the end anyway. Because of my issues with dpns, I usually crochet hats.

I am currently working on a sweater which suggests a 16" circular needle for knitting the neck.

Sounds like mastering the Magic Loop is probably the most practical approach, so I guess I will wait and try it when my needles come. Thanks for the video link. I bookmarked it for when I will need it!

Knitpicks doesn’t sell a 16" interchangeable cable (as far as I know); I wish they did. I think the smallest size is 24". That doesn’t include the length of the needles.

No, they don’t sell 16 in interchangeables, but they do sell them separately. I bought the 3 sizes I use most for hats since I prefer them over ML. I do sometimes use the 2 circ method as well though.

The modified magic loop appeals to me…but I don’t understand how it works.

It’s difficult for me to tell exactly what she’s doing in that video. Can someone explain?

Instead of 2 loops, there’s only one. The sts are on the left side, as far as they reach around the cord naturally. That leaves the right end free, so there’s the loop. Start knitting with the right needle, ‘pinching’ the knitting close together so the end with the yarn will be close to the first stitch you need to knit. After a couple sts it will be close together naturally. Refer to the standard Magic loop video and just don’t pull the cord out on the left side, otherwise it’s very much the same.

You only need smaller if you really hate DPNs and/or ML and/or 2 circs.

If you’re not using another method, for hats you probably will need smaller than 24". I made a 20" cable for my head, and I have a big head.

(Hey wait a minute, I made a 20" cable for my head, why on earth am I doing my present hat on DPNs? I probably would’ve been done by now if I didn’t have a convenient stopping point every 1/4 way around.)

The size of circulars does indeed include the length of the needles.
I forget if it’s tip to tip or taper to taper but when you put your 24" cable together with the needles it’s roughly 24".

I just saw this… the size is measured tip to tip so it does include the length of the needles. If a pattern calls for a 24 in circ then you take the cabled marked ‘24’ and add your needles to make it 24 in.

I must have the 32" cables, then, because the cable itself measures almost 24" without the needles.

I would like to get the fixed circulars in 16", but alas, my NY Resolution is not to buy any more knitting stuff.

Well that’s just a totally bad resolution that nobody would expect you to abide by :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually going to buy the set from KP but they didn’t have the 16" cables, which I use a lot, so I called and asked why. They said that when they did product testing the 16" interchangeables broke so often at the join they decided not to offer them as an option. I guess the radius was too tight for the lock. They only offer 16" in a fixed.

If I ever turn into a sweater knitter I’ll look into it but for now, I love my DPN’s. (except when the loose one falls into the couch, I hate that.)

You are 100% right! :slight_smile: