Should I be knitting the Slip knot? Beginner Q's


I am new to knitting and wondered if after the initial cast on and end of first row, whether I should knit the slip knot? If I do it ends up looking like a loose loop on the end of the first row (Which in turn becomes my beginning for second row) Should I be leaving it on the needle and start second row without knitting slip knot?

Pls help!


Do you mean the slip knot used to start your cast on? Yes, it’s the first stitch and you knit it as you do the rest of your cast on stitches. Just make sure you counted it as a stitch when you cast on. Otherwise you will end up with an extra stitch.

Thanks so much! Wow I didn’t expect any replies quite so soon.
I’m loving this!:woohoo: :woohoo: