Should I be afraid?

I was talking to DH about this spinning thing I may or may not have got myself into. He says that if I can get him the plans, he will make me one. Should I run the other way, or see if he can actually do it?

A spindle, or a wheel?

There are quite a few wheel plans out there…

Silver’s father built her a beautiful wheel. :inlove:

Either way, yarnfreak, run to him! Marry him again! Raise sheep and alpacas together. Don’t fear the spin side.

I’m getting a lace flyer and hand carders for my wheel. Can you believe I finally spun merino??? That deserves a celebration…where’s the chocolate?

I am so :happydance: …over your new fiber hobby. I am so… :woot: over my new friends that I’ve met through fiber. I cannot wait until SAFF!

A wheel. He thought it would be fun to do.

That is beautiful.

Did I happen to mention that he also said if I happened to buy one, then I happen to buy one. He didn’t mind. :aww: I knew I married him for a reason! lol

Yup they are great! He sounds like mine. They’re keepers.

My dad’s wheel was his first ever and he really didn’t know squat about them when he started. He was optimistic, and the end result is wonderful. Not only beautiful, but spins really, really well. (Thank you for the nice words about it!)

If DH is offering, I’d totally take him up on the offer! What’s the worst that can happen? It doesn’t work? So you buy one anyway. And if it does work, you’ll have a treasured spinning wheel forever! :slight_smile:

Very true.

Every spinner loves his/her wheel. They are like children. I’m so proud of mine. I show him off to anyone who can take it. And he’s not even special…just store bought. (Don’t tell him that though. He may stop helping me spin merino.)

Just think how extra proud you’d be showing off the wheel that hubby made just for you! It’s better than showing off some diamond engagement ring. And to me it’s definitely more romantic than flowers…

So, give it a whorl.