Should all new knitted socks be blocked?

Just need to know if I should block socks before I either wear them or give them as gifts?

I don’t. If you want them to look their prettiest for a gift it probably would be a good idea if you have sock blockers. I usually can’t wait to wear a new pair and slide them on as soon as I finish the 2nd sock.

That’s how I feel.

I’m with plantgoddess- slip them on as soon as I finish them! I do two at once, though, so no waiting on the second sock.
I’ve never given socks as a gift, though- I suppose I would probably block them if I were going to do that. You can make cheap sock blockers out of place mats or those flexible plastic cutting boards.

i’m with the knitters who don’t block, but put the socks on as soon as they are finished. have given away 4 pair–2 pair right off my feet 'cause someone liked them so much!! that’s ok, gives me an excuse to make another pair. am going to try 2 at once, toe up maybe–hope this isn’t too ambitious an undertaking. linknit41

If I made some as a gift I probably would, but otherwise I don’t bother.

I have never made socks with a lace pattern, but when I do at some point, I’ll probably block them because I think blocking lace in general is a good thing to do. But I’ve never blocked any of the socks I’ve made so far, and haven’t had a problem.

I don’t block socks that are for me. I figure my feet are the perfect blockers.

Gift socks I do, just so they fold up nice and neat. I made my blockers out of wire coat hangers.

I’ve made multiple pair of lace pattern socks and don’t block them either. I’ve found that wearing the socks stretches the lace out so that it looks it’s best. By the end of the day the socks may stretch enough that they don’t hug the calf as tightly. I would be worried that by blocking to show off the lace design would make the socks less likely to stay up when worn.
It’s a nice surprise to see people’s faces when they put the socks on and see the stitch detail on their legs.