Shorts**Updated with pics**

I am trying to find a pattern for crochet shorts for a toddler. Anyone know where I can find a pattern for free. I have searched Lion brand and Crochet Pattern Central and found nothing. If anyone knows of one I would love to know about it. TIA

Do you have a pant pattern? If so I would make them into shorts by doing less rows. I did do a search on the net and there doesn’t seem to be very many toddler patterns for shorts out there. Try the library, you might get lucky there and find a book of patterns for children and be able to adapt one. I know there are patterns out there for purchase but I couldn’t find free ones.

So I didn’t find a pattern anywhere and no time to go to the library and I wanted to get the shorts done ASAP so I just made it and tried making some here is a pic of Atlanta wearing her new shorts.


Great Job!!

Oh, that’s cute !! Nice work.

:happydance: Very cute!

That is such a cute outfit. You really must remember to take notes so you can share. You did a great job. Is the shirt the same as the white and green you made before?

That is the cutest little outfit!! And your model is even cuter-and obviously she loves her shorts and top!!

:cheering: Well done!!

Yes the top is the same I have made a few of them for her now as they are so easy to do. How is yours coming along or have you tried it out yet? Not sure if I wrote out the pattern for you correctly or not.As Isaid before any questions message me.

The shorts are so cute!! your daughter is so freaking cute!!! I just want to put her up on the mantle like a doll!!

I havent started yet. I am watching you tube video of different stitches to see how it looks. I think on the top bit I would use a close stitch like half double (is that right) and then towards the bottom maybe double crochet with a chain in between or something like that to make it more open. Have to read your PM again, did you use DK or fingering weight for the shirt.

I may try to have a go at the shorts as well, was wondering if you could crochet with yarn and elastic together to make the waist elasticated or would you sew in an elastic after the crochet is done?

I used a DK weight cotton type of yarn for the white and green. This one is an elastic type of yarn it was a mill ends bag from Walmart so I have no idea for sure what it is. For the waist on the shorts I made a drawstring and holes to lace it through when I crocheted around the waist part.

For the top I did a half Double crochet and then did just like you said a double or triple crochet chained one and then double or triple crochet in the next spot after skipping one stitch which is what makes the holes on this one. On the green and white one I just did triple crochets over and over right next to each other so it is not as big of a hole.

too cute~!:biting:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]The shorts outfit is just lovely and your daughter looks so happy in them.