Shorties help please!

[SIZE=2] Ok, I am doing the doodle pants pattern (diaper cover). I am down to the part where you divide your stitches for the legs and the crotch. I watched the video on the kitchener stitch and it seems quite simple, but the problem is…what do I do with the yarn? Do I cut it where I left off before dividing & then thread that into my yarn needle to do the kitchener stitching?? It is taking me forever to get these crazy things done!! I keep getting stuck!! Here’s the pattern. Thank you!


I think what you said is right, cut the yarn there and use it for the kitchener stitching. The reason I have come to that conclusion is that the next thing it says to do is to “tie in” the yarn and start knitting the leg, then further down it says the same thing about the other leg. I don’t know exactly what they mean by “tie” (I never tie anything in my knitting, but maybe some folks do) but start knitting with a new yarn when you begin each leg.