Shorter Cable Needles


I absolutely, positively hate knitting on dpn’s. Unfortunately though I cannot seem to find cable needles that are shorter than 18". Would anyone happen to know if they even make them shorter than this (12" would be perfect) and where I can get them? Thanks!


Irene, 16" (tip to tip) is a common size, though there are 12"s available too, in not as many sizes.

Have you tried knitting on two circs instead of DPNs? It doesn’t matter how long they are – I think it’s a fabulous alternative for small-diameter circular knitting!
Video here. :thumbsup:

Or if you really want circs, has a nice selection and fast shipping.

Thanks Julie, I didn’t even notice that video. I think I’ll give that a try before I order these. I finally found them, after searching all morning, at Joann. But I’d hate to spend the money if I can do it another way.

Thanks Ingrid too for the link to yarnware!

Irene :smiley:

raise your hand if you were confused by this conversation…yup pretty sure it was just me! :rollseyes:

as luck would have it, i am not confused anymore…lol :oops:

I was confused too…I am reading cable needles shorter than 18"… and thinking, MAN…if I had to do cables on 18" needles, I’d go nuts too.

Irene, have you tried she has a great variety of circular needles…I’ve gotten several pair of short circs myself.

lol…i am glad i wasn’t the only one! :wink:

LOL brenda!!! :roflhard:

At first I couldn’t figure out what YOU guys were talking about! :roflhard:

We live to confuse! That’s our motto!

LOL - reminds me of the “who’s on first” conversation I had w/DH last night, explaining why I had to switch my cabled scarf to a shorter cable…he has no clue about knitting anyway, and finally he just looked at me and said “What the H%^& are you talking about??” :roflhard: :roflhard:

I gave up :rollseyes:

Check Taraknit before you order ANY needles for full price!!! She has a BIG ad here this month! Carol is an active member of this site and sells well-loved needles for ALOT less than you’d spend at the shtore! FREEEEE SHIPPINGGGGG!!!

And I Thought EYE was the shameless plug queen…

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Not just a PLUG…I just WUVV Carol! And Im all for ANY kind of recycling!

I WUVV tara too, I was just messin wiff ya :slight_smile: