Shortening the length of a poncho

Hi ladies, I was given a beautiful (I’ll call it a ponchette) not a poncho, to long for a capelet…It wraps around the shoulders, opens in front with one button…Very cool, very vintage, however, It is waaaay to long for me I want it to fit just around the middle of my arms…Like a capelet…How do you cut down a knitted peice after it’s been complete? Any suggestions?? Thanks Cheley

If you have a friendly relationship with a sewing machine, you can make several rows of stitching (using a long stretchy stitch), cut below the stitching and then hem it to the length you want.

Not sure if this will work with the style of poncho you have though… :shrug: your description doesn’t say whether it’s got a straight edge on the bottom or a pointed or rounded one…

Good Luck!


Well it’s hard to determine because it’s open in the front…I guess it’s rounded…but that seems like a good idea… Thanks

are you a knitter yourself? Because you could find a destination row, cut the piece below that, then knit a few rows before binding off at the desired lenght :shrug:

Ya I am a knitter…never did anything like that before,That’s a good idea though…I am a little afraid to “cut” anything, I’ll have to get up my nerve on that one…Thanks again Chele

Just make sure you have your destination row threaded with yarn or floss, before you cut… don’t want to drop all those stitches and end up picking up lots of stitches, or worse yet, with no poncho.