Shortening a sweater- how?

A couple of questions :):

  1. Is it weird that my pattern says this: Cont even until work from beg measures 27, ending with RS facing for next row for the back, BUT then this: Cont even until work from beg measures 24 (, ending with RS facing for next row? ie, is it strange that there seems to be a 4 inch difference between the back and the front?

  2. I measured my brother (for whom I’m knitting this sweater) and it seems the sweater at 28 inches is going to be way to big for him (he has a short torso). Is there anyway I can fudge with the numbers so that the finished measurement is around24 (and not 28)? the pattern doesn’t give finshed measurements (only finished chest measurements).

The back and front will be the same size. It’s just that you probably start some neck shaping when the front is at 24, and with the neck shaping and the knitting that goes with it, it will get you to the same length as the back.

You can make a sweater any length you want. Just make it the length you want it to be up to the armhole decreases. I wouldn’t shorthen it between the armhole and the shoulder, but below that you can make it 10 inches or 60 inches.

thank you ingrid, that makes perfect sense! :slight_smile:

I do have a couple more questions …

  1. When it comes to shaping the neck, do i wait until I have both the front and the back finished? I ask because my instructions go through the details for the back and front first before talking about the neck? (But that could simply be their way of organizing the pattern)

  2. My instructions say:

Work 1½ ins [4 cm] of (K1. P1) ribbing as given for Back. Cast off
loosely. Sew left shoulder and neckband seam.

I’m a little confused on how much to shorten the sweater, taking into consideration that the neckband will add 1.5 inches to the length of the sweater. (does this sound right?) I want the finished product to be 24 inches long. So I guess my question is, should I shorten the sweater taking into consideration the 1.5 inches on the neckband, or will the neckband measurement be negligible when it comes to the length of the sweater?[/i]