Shortening A Finished Scarf

I just completed my first scarf. The thing is… it’s way too long. Does anyone know how I can shorten the scarf from either end. The pattern on the cast on side is less desirable than the other end so I would like to remove length from that side. Is it possible to shorten my scarf from the cast on side?

thanks in advance,


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It is pretty simple to shorten from the cast-off end, but if you want to shorten from the cast-on edge, it can be done, too.

You can’t pull out a cast-on edge, so you’d have to cut it off. Then unravel until you get to where you want to be–actually a row before you want to be. Then pop the stitches out one at a time and reinsert your needle. You can bind those stitches off.

thank you so much. i am so new to all of this. is going well but little things like this i just don’t know yet.

you are the best! off to try it.

you could fold up both ends, seam the sides and make them pockets. I guess it would depend on how thin/thick your scarf is though. It probably wouldn’t work on a thin (lighter weight) yarn.

Or, if it’s a lighter weight, could you run a thread up each side and pull it so that it’s kind of ruffled?

That’s what I’d do!
Then, I’d put MONEY in the pockets, and go shopping!:mrgreen:

AGAIN with the cutting! How scary is THAT??:frog:

I did some unraveling today, it turned out well. I use stiff, acrylic yarn, and the loops stayed up, and in place, until I stuck the needle back thru them.
GOOD SAVE!!!:yay: