Short Rows or Turns

I read up on short rows and figured out how to do it, i thought everything was going fine until i got to the left leg. I have found instructions for doing the little wrap around stitch for knit rows - no problem doing it. However, the left leg requires doing the turning on the purl row. i tried doing the wrap around stitch oposite to the way it is done for the knit row but it leaves a bump in the wool.

Does anyone know how to do a short row on the purl side? and is the wrap around stitck an absolute must when doing a short row? My book said that it has something to do with ensuring that the turn doesn’t leave a whole in the pattern.

When you get to the slip stitch, slip it, then bring the yarn around to the other side, turn and slip the stitch and continue on with your short row. I do this on both the knit and purl sides, and it always puts the wrap stitch on the WS for both knits and purls when I pick up up again.

There are no slip stitches except for the beginning of the row the pattern reads
S1, p6, turn
S1 knit to end of row
S1, p13, turn
S1 knit to end of row…

It doesn’t say to wrap the stitch, so you just turn, slip the first stitch and work back. Not all short row pattern are a w&t - wrap and turn.

That makes things a whole lot easier!!! Thank you thank you. Does that mean i have to redo the right leg? does it make a difference?

It may look different, yes, but maybe not so much. Try a few short rows without wrapping and see how it looks compared to the other one.