Short Rows on a Mohair Shawl Collar

Hi, I’ve come a long way on my first sweater but am now stuck on the finishing and collar. The pattern calls for short rows to make a mohair shawl collar and it specifically says to “cut yarn and attach” it in another place before the short rows. Has anyone done this pattern that can help?

The pattern in Mohair edged sweater from Feminine Knits!

Hi and welcome!
Maybe this pattern:

There might be some people here who have made this sweater but why don’t you ask your question anyway. Let us know where you’re having problems. Have you knit short rows before?

Yes, that is the pattern I am working on and I haven’t exactly worked short rows before. I understand the concept, where you wrap and turn to do an incomplete row (I think!).

The instructions say to pick up and knit 119 sts (I picked up and knitted 101 sts, a multiple of 6 + 5 on mine) with a circular needle around the collar. Then I did Rows 1 and 2 on the round needle without connecting them ( I turned and went the other way when I came to the end of row 1).

Afterwards the pattern says “cut yarn and attach it just before the center 33 sts on back.” I have 37 sts on back so for me it would be the center 35 sts. Then it says to work 2 rows over these sts (The pattern is K3 P3 Ribbing).

How do I cut yarn and attach it? Why does it ask for it?
Then it gets into short rows… another story!

Thank you!

You’re going to work some extra rows at the back of the collar. Usually the pattern tells you to knit to the place where you want to short rows, so you would knit to the back of the collar and then knit the number of sts given for the re-attached yarn. I wonder if this would work for your pattern and save you having to cut the yarn and then start knitting with a new end at the back of the collar? See if that would work with the directions that follow in your pattern.
There’s a diagram here, toward the end that shows you the overall idea of the short row collar. It may be extended further down the collar sides than your pattern but the idea is similar.