Short rows making holes knitting in the round?

I am making THIS pattern and on my short rows, the first turn around where you start the short row is working fine.

When I begin to “knit 3 rows” the wrap stitch that would normally be worked on the purl side of the work is leaving a big hole in my work.

Is there a trick I don’t know for short rows and knitting in the round??

Heeeellllpppp :shrug:

One thing to do is to knit the wrap and the stitch together. That closes up the hole. You can easily tell where the wrap is, it’s that stitch around the one you are tryin to knit pulling it and making a sort of hole there. It kinda lays horizontal, pick that up with your right needle and place it on your left needle then knit it and the stitch together just like a normal decrease. It will fill in the hole and it won’t be pulling on the stitch anymore.:knitting:

BTW, welcome to the partay… :slight_smile:

I think this is another of the great questions!

I found two blogs in which knitters explain their way of doing short rows, and then someone asked, “What about picking up that last wrap when knitting in the round? I get a hole!” The question wasn’t answered at either spot.

[SIZE=3][FONT=Century]So, I hope to hear from someone who has figured this out![/FONT][/SIZE]

I’m wondering this too… In the soaker I just finished, I used short rows, and followed the instructions in the video here. The stitches are supposed to be invisible, but I can easily pick all 6 of them out. No holes really, but they’re definitely not invisible.

Sure, you can see them but is the baby going to notice…?