Short Rows in the Round

Hi, I am working on the picovoli ( and can’t seem to figure out how to do short rows in the round. What happens to the rest of my stitches if I am focusing only on the front of the shirt? Thanks in advance.

You are working on a circular needle, so while the stitches in the front are being worked into short rows, the rest can just stay there on the needle. They will not affect your ability to do the short rows and once all short rows are completed you will just go back to working in the round on all stitches.

Okay, now this might seem like a ‘mind your own business’ type question, but I’m just wondering your bust size :oops: You don’t have to tell me if you’re uncomfortable with the question, but I am a 36D and when I made Picovoli I did not do short rows at all after reading blogs of other people who had made it and found them unnecessary, even with an ample bust, so I just went with it and somehow with the shaping of the garment it fit me just fine, all over, without short rows.

I am a 38DD, but I was only planning on making 12 wrapped stitches (for a D cup). If you don’t think I will need the short rows, then I’ve wasted a lot of brain power trying to figure out short rows in the round! But I am very relieved. Thanks. :cheering:

Well, don’t not do it because I said not to, I was just saying what I did and it fit well. I’d hate for you to do it without and then regret it later. If you’re only going to do a few then I’m sure there’s no harm.

Thanks for your help. I am knitting with Debbie Bliss Cathay, which seems to have quite a bit of give. I think I will skip the short rows, in case it ends up too slouchy.

I found your post earlier in the year about the armhole…I am there right now. What did you end up doing? Casting on an extra stitch and k2tog with the first stitch of the body? Did that work for you?

I did not do that on Picovoli, rather I just tacked the armholes together a bit tighter with some yarn and a tapestry needle.

I have done that on projects since, however, and it works GREAT! It closes the gap and makes things much tighter between the new stitches and the old.

Knitqueen, I’m sorry for another question. I’ve decided to knit a few short rows (4) as insurance since I find myself tugging at many of my tops. The pattern says “work even for 39 rows”. I need to add my short rows. Do I replace some of the 39 rows with short rows? I’m guessing not since I still need the 39 rows for the back. So do I add my short rows after I am finished working even for 39 rows? At the end of those rows, the shirt should almost cover my bust.

What I think I should so is work even for a few inches, add my short rows, then resume working even to get the 39 rows I need.

Thanks for your help.

You will be working 39 rows in addition to your short rows.

So does that mean I add my short rows after I knit the 39 work even rows? Thanks for your patience!

Let me just go take a quick look at the pattern, and I’ll get back to you.

Short rows for bust shaping usually are best placed about 1-2" below the armhole. So what I’d do, is start in on knitting those 39 rounds that the pattern talks about, keeping track of # of rounds as you go, then when you get to about 1-2" below armhole (maybe take a look at yourself in the mirror with a bra on and decide exactly how much lower than your armhole the fullest part of your bust is. Measure and it will give you a better idea), start placing the short rows. The short rows will not count in your 39 rounds, so once you finish the short rows start working in rounds again, counting from wherever you left off in your 39 round total count.

Does that make sense??

You are the best. Many thanks. :muah:

I hope it works out! Can’t wait to see the finished product. What yarn and colour are you using?? ALL of the Picovoli’s I’ve seen finished have been beautiful.

I am using Debbie Bliss Cathay in navy blue. This is my first garment and I am very excited about it.