Short rows in pattern /muse by Isabel Kraemer

I need help staying in pattern after turning on a short row. I tried to count ahead so that I would end the row with the correct 2 stitches (knit or purl) but my pattern was off. Pattern reads: Working in double moss stitch: Row 1: k2, p2; repeat to end. Row 2: same as row 1. Row 3: p2, k2; repeat to end. Row 4: same as row 3. Repeat rows 1-4. After 40 cm start short row shaping. RS: k 30 sts in pattern, turn. WS: Sl 1, knit in pattern to end. After turning, how do I know what to start with to stay in pattern. Thanks for any help. Wanted this finished before Christmas butI’m stuck & tired of taking rows out.

Look at the row before the turn and decide which pattern row it is. If it’s a row 1 or 3, then follow the stitches as you see them, i.e. if it’s a v, knit it and if it’s a loop, purl it.
If the previous row is a row 2 or 4, then you would work the opposite stitch, i.e. if it’s a knit, purl it and vice versa.
You should be able to confirm that you’ve got it right after one or two sts so you won’t have a whole row to take out.

Thank you so much! I couldn’t wrap my head around this for the life of me. I’m working in a bulky Alpaca and it was hard to see the pattern easily. Your suggestion did the trick and I’m back on my way. Thanks again.