Short rows in a collar

I am stuck and what method and how to do short rows in the collar of sweater that stands up. Can anyone give me a reference?

Are you using a pattern (a link to it would be nice) or adding the collar to an existing sweater? What stitch pattern is it done in? Are you wanting a recommendation on which short row method to use or how to do the entire collar?

Thank you for your quick reply. I am doing my own top down cardigan. The band is picked up and garter part way then the 2X2 ribbed collar. I thought I would do 4 short rows on each side, but my dilemma is the method to use in the knit section and the purl section. Or should I just make sure I am always in the knit section for the w&T? Thank you very much.

I think German short rows would be a good choice. I avoid W&T for the reason shown in the video.

GG - thanks for that video. will be needing better short rows on an upcoming project. already wrote it on my notes and bookmarked that video…

but, whoever did the closed captioning… yikes… just what kind of knitting is going on there?!? :wink:


Here’s another video (or two) for German short rows. I still refer to the set whenever I need to do them

:?? Those captions are strange.:oo: Maybe we should just stick with the ones salmonmac linked to. They’re where I learned this technique.