Short rows -- I want to SCREAM

I’ve never had problems with short rows on any other kind of project, but I am absolutely over trying to do a freaking short row heel on a sock that I’m knitting.

I’ve tried wrapping them and knitting the wrap together with the stitches. per Amy’s video and the 385970459732 short row tutorials I’ve read today.

I’ve tried the yarn over short row method.

Everything looks positively AWFUL.

Anyone have any tips for me??? Rebecca??? :wink:

try this site go to bottom of page for heels ,hope this helps

:frowning: Sorry, Julie, my only advice is practice. I found that after getting used to the ‘heel flap’ that short rows were a problem for me, too & practice is the only answer that I have. If you go to this page & scroll down to ‘short rows’ you will find a few online tutorials that may help…helped me :wink: AND, I know you will get it, if you are at all like me it’s just taking some getting used to :wink:

Julie, can u take a pic of the heel so we can see what u r talking about? Also, are u picking up the wrap & putting it on the needle before u knit/purl them together? I found that doing that tightened mine & neatened it up.
Another thing…if u r doing the yarn overs, they will look kind of loose, you may want to try the (confusing unless u look @ photos) the PGR technique of the backward yarn over’s…described in this blog & her book Simple Socks. I read the book & was still confused until I actually saw the photos on the blog I referenced before :wink: I hope this is somewhat helpful :??

IS there a LYS near you? Maybe someone there can show you in person. I had to have someone show me :rollseyes: but after that sock heels were a breeze.

I haven’t wrapped when doing my short rows for socks… am I doing something wrong? :??

It actually depends upon the heel that u r doing. The heel that we usually start on is the heel flap & turning the heel which has short rows, but there are several other heels that you use on your socks that require short row shaping with wraps (to prevent holes)…no biggie, I’m sure you are doing the regular heels that the majority of us learn to knit :wink:

Yes, all I’ve done so far are the slip stitch heels… I haven’t tried a short row one… YET!

Thanks everyone for your input…I think I figured it out (third time is the charm?) but then I didn’t like the way the short row heel looked with my self-striping yarn, so I ended up ripping it out. :rollseyes: I’ll know for the next time though :thumbsup: