Short Row Shawl Collar question


I have a shawl collar pattern that’s asking for a YO increase every 3/8" then short rows in garter every 14 rows. I understand how to do both things how do I count them? For example, if 3/8" hits a short row, do I do the YO on the short row or just wait for the next regular row and do it there? When measuring the 3/8", do I include the short rows in the measurement (since they’ll add 2 tiny rows they could conceivably be the entire measurement) or do I sort of pretend the short rows don’t exist for measuring purposes and just measure from regular row to regular row?



What is the name of your pattern?


Somehow since I posted, I figured it out - essentially on every YO increase row, there’s also a decrease later. Because the short rows don’t go far enough to hit the decrease, they therefore must not count as far as the increases are concerned. In other words, only regular rows count as far as measuring and increases go. But thanks! It’s a Drops pattern and I know I’m not the first to complain about how confusingly written they sometimes are. :slight_smile:


Happy you’ve worked it out. Enjoy finishing up and post a photo, please!