Short row heel vs. heel flap

Just wondering if there was any particular reason to use one
method over the other? I much prefer the look and the ease of
making short row heels but it seems alot of patterns use the
heel flap. My problem with the heel flap method is even in the most
professionally knitted socks there is a ridge on the heel where the
stitches are picked up and I don’t like the way it looks so I always
use short rows but I started wondering is there a reason to use the
heel flap? Is it “stronger”? or just personal preference…?

Just curious…

I like heel flaps. They FEEL like they’ve been handmade, and that’s the wonderful thing! The other thing, when you use the slipstitch heel pattern, they’re harder wearing than ‘normal’ knit heels. I found that if you slip the first stitch on every row when doing the heel flap, that there’s no ‘ridge’ when picking up stitches.

If I wanted short row heel socks, I’d buy them… :wink:

Heel flaps do tend to hold up better. But I prefer short row heels myself. They conform to the shape of my heel better and are more comfortable. The sock in general just fits better on my feet when I do short row heels.

must. try. short. row. heels.

I’m the opposite - I find that most short row heels just aren’t deep enough to fit my feet comfortably. The one exception was Knitty’s Baudelaire pattern, which combines short rows with a gusset - those fit fine. I guess it’s not the heel construction per se, but the gusset that gives the depth I need.

When I do use short rows, I always use an unwrapped method, because I find fishing for the wraps in sock weight yarn downright painful. I use either the encroachment method or a psso method; encroachment is explained at and and the psso method I found in this pdf: - I’ve used both methods with gusset construction from Baudelaire and the heels fit great.


I have one pair of toe up socks with a short row heel. The other 12 pairs of socks are top down with a heel flap. I don’t like doing short rows and really prefer the heel flap. I think it’s a matter of preference.

I’ve found that the picked up stitches pull too much on the edge of the heel flap and leave little holes, which I don’t like much…

There’s instruction out there for knitting the picked up stitches TBL ( you need an extra needle for this) so as to avoid the little holes if they bother you.
I googled it and found the instructions.