Short row heel help

Hi! I have just joined the group and am hoping someone can help me. I am a beginner knitter (continental style) and have started a Christmas stocking in the round. I have gotten to the heel and am struggling. It is the short row method and after several attempts, I think there may be an error in the pattern or I am just not understanding it. Does anyone have a video or instructions on how to do the short row method. I have viewed several video’s online, but they are all Old English Style, and quite frankly it confuses me. Total stitches of stocking are 60, to work the heel, the instructions tell me to use 30. Thank you for any help.

@savage Welcome to Knitting Help! I’ve moved your post to it’s own thread rather than the introduction thread so it’ll get more attention. I’m on my iPad so it’s hard to respond. I’ll help when I’m back on my computer if someone hasn’t helped you yet.

What pattern are you using for the Christmas stocking? Does it call for short rows with wrap & turn?
Here’s a video of short rows, continental with the wrap & turn.

There are other methods for doing short rows, too.

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It is a pattern from The Cabin Countess. The way the instructions read there is a turn, but no wrap. It reads “Slip the first stitch and knit to 1 before the end. Turn, slip the first stitch, purl to 1 before the end. Turn, slip the first stitch, knit to 2 before the end. Turn, slip the first stitch, purl to 2 before the end. Continue in this manner until you have 9 stitches on each side, ending with the purl row.” I am doing this on 30 stitches, and I am not quite sure how it gets to 9 stitches on each side. Everything I have seen on line tells me it should be 1/2 of the total stitches which would be 15. I like the video you have shared. I will give it a practice run. Thank you!

The point of short rows is to give dimensional shaping to the knit item and for this sock, to make the turn from the leg to the foot. Yes, you start with 30 sts but there’s no reason to divide the sts in half. Follow the directions as written, turn at the given number of sts before the end and don’t do a wrap… When you stop with 9sts on each edge, there will be 12 sts in the middle and they will have more rows than the sts on the edges.