Short Row Confusion

Hi!!! I am the new knitter on the block and I would like to vent regarding my experiences with the infamous Short Row knitting stitch.

Presently, I am working on a Shoulder Wrap. As instructed I cast on 38 stitches and when I came to stitch #23 I am supposed to turn the work, do the short row stitch, which I did, but my question is: what happens to the remaining 15 stitches??? since I am knitting back to the beginning of the row?

I keep knitting and pulling out. By the time I get this project done, Spring will be here and I will not need the Wrap anymore.

Until the next time…bas

I guess the answer I posted in my blog thread didn’t help, I’ll leave it to someone else to explain. Meanwhile, can you link to your pattern, sometimes that’s helpful.

I moved your thread to the How-to Forum. The Blog Forum is only for blog threads and if you want answers to knitting questions it’s best to post in the correct forum so you’ll get more views.

Thanks, Jan, maybe what I posted wasn’t even seen then. LOL I just wanted to be sure the OP gets the help needed.

Welcome to Knitting Help!
You can deal with the remainig 15sts in the easiest way possible, just ignore them for the moment. Eventually the instructions will tell you what to do with those sts. Maybe you’ll do a final row across all sts or you may have some rows that gradually incorporate those sts. Read a bit further in the pattern and you’ll see that those sts are brought into the shawl.
And don’t worry, plenty of weather ahead for you to wear the wrap.

Thank you! I will try to figure out where all these different threads are.


Thank you! Bas

When you’re on the main page of the forum it’ll show you all the different forums. When you click the link it’ll take you to the forum with all the threads. :thumbsup:

Here’s what I posted on the other thread.

You probably should ask your question in a thread of its own, over here in a blog thread it’s likely to be missed.

Leave the 15 stitches where they are and ignore them for now. Just follow the pattern instructions. You might understand better if you look at some short rows videos. Take your pick from some of these. The pattern will tell you when to work the 15 stitches.

salmonmac answered too, basically the same thing. Why? Because this is where I learn [I]everything[/I] knitting!

Knitting short rows really isn’t hard but the concept can be.