Short-row bust shaping in a top down sweater

Does anyone have any suggestions on adding short-row bust shaping to a top down sweater? Where would you start the shaping and would the short-row section look funny “upside down”?
Thanks for your help - I am a new member of the group.

How many short rows you’ll do and where you’ll start will depend on your guage (stitch and row) and how much length you want to add. But if you start wrapping and turning closer to the middle and make your short rows longer and longer (picking up the wraps as you go past them), your darts will go in the right direction. If you need help with the math, let me know.

Trying to think of an example…
Say your sweater was 200 stitches around, 100 on each side, and your stitch guage was 5 and your row guage was 7. To add one inch, you’d do 3 wrap and turns on each side. Remember, every wrap and turn gives you 2 new rows! Do your first wrap 5 stitches from the left underm, w&t, purl back to 5 stitches from the right underarm, w&t, knit to 3 stitches from the left underarm (picking up your first wrap when you pass it), purl to 3 stitches from the right underarm (picking up wrap), w&t, knit to 1 stitch before the underarm, w&t, purl to one stitch before the underarm, w&t, and continue knitting around, picking up the last wrap on the next round.

If you wanted two inches, you’d start 10 stitches from the underarm, given the assumed guage.

Make sense?

That does make sense and I think I can picture what you’re saying. I will swatch to be sure that I get it. Thanks for the reminding me that each wrap and turn makes 2 rows(not one). Also, I want to plan it so that the “point” of the short rows is even with the fullest part of the breast - correct??

When you say 2" do you mean in total circumfrence?

2" in `depth’ more than the chest size for the pattern you’re making, I think.

so let’s say I have a sweater pattern that has been designed for a 36" bust, and I want to change it to a 40" bust, i would then (based on your example guage) do 12 wrap & turns? This would then put the needed “cuppage” in the front and leave the back the correct width…

and the place to start would be where from the underarm?