Short pocket

Help help help!! Am just completing a cardigan, shoulder seams sewn and pockets finished when I have discovered that one pocket is shorter than the other. I really cannot rip the whole side back again so is there any way of disguising this? Can I use a button perhaps on either the longer pocket or shorter pocket? Thank you in anticipation of all ideas.

Do you have a picture you could post

Here it is. It’s about one inch shorter.

I did not realize how visable it is. I think anyone who would have some great ideas is @salmonmac or @GrumpyGramma so i have shouted out to them. Sorry i couldn’t help you. Good luck

I’m not clear on what the problem is exactly.
Wider or taller?

Where are the extra stitches, in the front or the back panel or both? Or is it on that whole side? It’s flaring the waist on that side.

I don’t see a simple way to hide it (like a button). You could pinch it together and safety pin it from behind to trial different areas. When you find an area(s) that looks satisfactory to remove the extra you could seam it (mattress stitch if vertical or Kitchener if horizontal) which should hide it well.
Then you could either stitch the bunched part down like taking in pants or if you’re brave steek it to cut the excess off. I’ve had a run steeking a new misshapen sweater so sew a lot to make sure every strand is captured before cutting.

I don’t really understand the button idea either.
Is the problem that the right pocket is too short? If so, can you remove the ribbing at the pocket top, pick up sts and extend the pocket? Finish off with new ribbing.
If you can’t easily remove the ribbing, can you pick up sts at the top of the pocket below the ribbing, extend the pocket and add new ribbing? It would leave you with the old ribbing on the inside of the pocket but I don’t think that’ll be too bad.

Thank you all for your help. I am now debating leaving it but I do have another idea in the back of my head which I might try. The pocket on the right is 3/4 of an inch shorter than the one on the left. I will get back when I have the problem solved. :+1::wink:

Thank you all for your helpful comments. I solved the problem and am happy. I turned down the cuff of the long pocket and sewed it. I then knitted a rib of 3/4 inches (which was the amount short on the other pocked) and attached it to the rib and then folded it down. Hey presto both pockets now match. Delighted with myself. I have just realised that the picture I first posted did not accurately display both pockets hence the confusion. In addition when I say I folded the pocket rib I folded it to the outside and then sewed it. Cannot seem to post a photo now.

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That’s a wonderful solution. Glad you got it to work for this very nice sweater.

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Yay! I hate getting things messed up in my knitting, I love finding ways to fix the messes. I just saw this thread and was thinking you might just knit more on the top of one but I see why you did it this way. I’m glad you shared the fix. I may need it myself sometime. Thank you.