Short needles

Hi everyone!
Until now I used the magic loop method for small circumferences, such has the crown of a hat or sleeves, but I don’t like it. I know I could also use double pointed needles, but it seems very difficult to me. So I was wondering, could I use short circular needles for small circumferences like hats and sleeeves? If yes, I should use them like normal circular needles, knitting in the round, right?

You are correct. I managed to buy a set of short knitting needles from amazon. They can make your hands ache though. I use them for baby booties

It is all about preferences, but I never liked short circulars because the needles are so short to grip. I prefer DPNs, but if I would not use DPNs I would prefer to use circulars with normal length needles. Those circulars that would allow me to knit socks without using magic loop never get any use by me.

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Here is a review of this type of needle:

And here is a video showing this type plus a few others:

There’s also another choice, a sort of hybrid:

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My favourite method for small circumference knitting is using two circular needles - it’s one of the methods in the linked video. You don’t get the hand ache of short tips, or the flapping cables (and potential cable damage) of magic loop. The only caveat is that you need two sets of needles but they can be any length. It’s easier to align the join to avoid ladders as the cables don’t have to bend.
I find most videos make it look more complicated than it is. You just have to remember to use the needle tips at the ends of the same cable in each section. Easy if your tips differ slightly! I don’t get gauge problems with the different tips although some people might.