Shop on Blossom Street

Does anyone have time to read? Put your needles down for a few minutes a night and read the book, “Shop On Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber. It’s a very cute story about a woman who opens a yarn shop and gives knitting lessons. The story revolves around the 4 women who take lessons. There is now a sequel to the book called “A Good Yarn”. I’m reading that one now. Very good!


I just bought the book yesterday and can’t wait to start it (need to finish the one I’m reading now)… aw, heck, I’ll start it later today. Just like with knitting, I read a few books at the same time too.

There are also pattern books by Leisure Arts based on those two books. I couldn’t find them in my local craft store, book store or yarn shop, but I’ll keep looking.

I’ve read them both, along with lots of her other books. I’m hoping there’ll be a third book about this shop someday.

Right now I’m doing Peter’s Socks pattern from A Good Yarn as my first sock project. About half finished with the first sock.

Sometimes the forum reminds me of the group in these books - LOTS of fun, friendship, and help to give and receive. :heart: :happydance: :cheering:



I LOVED the Shop on Blossom Street! My library doesn’t have the sequel yet, and I’ve been too lazy to put in a request for an interlibrary loan. :blush:

I’ve read some of her other books since, and I do like some, and don’t care for some others. I think the ones that don’t appeal to me as much are probably ones she wrote longer ago. Most of them have alot of sex and stuff, which I personally don’t care for reading about. My personal preference in reading is for cleaner, more wholesome stories, and to keep the sex in the bedroom with dh and I. :inlove:

I loved The Shop on Blossom Street! I have A Good Yarn reserved for the past 3 weeks but it hasn’t come in yet! Someone must be enjoying it. sigh.

Well, since I work in a library, I get the books first!

I hope the author continues her stories in the yarn shop.

Ooh, lucky you, Jackie! :smiley:

A friend of mine knitted the baby blanket from the first book. It is really pretty.

I’ve been meaning to check this book out… and literally today. I went to my local library and their computer catolog said it was in, but alas it wasn’t on the shelf :doh:
Soooo, I went to B&N and bought a copy. I have a gal friend who works over the river in our sister town’s library, perhaps when i’m done with my copy i’ll donate it.
I have seen the patterns in the companion books and told myself I’d take time to read then get them later.

Finished Shop on Blossom Street last night - I mean early this morning. A great read. I cried, laughed and could easily related to the commarderie of the ladies - how it all evolved, the friendship that develops over a common interest - knitting.

I read Shop on Blossom Street a couple months ago, but my library doesn’t have the sequel yet, and since I’ve already spent too much money on yarn, I’m making myself wait until the library gets it in. :frowning:

I have read both of them and just loved them. After reading “A good yarn” I got so inspired to do socks on two circulars(I have not knit anything more complicated than a scarf and few washcloths) that I bought cat bordhi’s book and circular needles and sock yarn.

And now by making a non-knitting girlfriend read “A shop on blosson street”, I have inspired her to learn to knit.

Both of them are great reads and since I live in seattle, and I know there is a street called blossom street here, I was so longing for the yarn shop also to be a truth and not just an imagination.

Keep us posted on the socks, Yarn Newbie! I am attempting something beyond a scarf too. My first hat.