Shift cowl by Mowry

I am on section 3, row 21, I have 102 stitches instead of 100. I was good at counting stitches after each row …. until I wasn’t.
Can’t see obvious mistake, but hard to know. Does it matter? Can I just carry on? Could tink, but might be several rows….
I’m frozen.

Is this is a section of slipped sts? Can you see where you’ve added stitches? If you can tell where the extra sts are, you can k2tog to decrease them. You don’t want to break up the stitch or color pattern if possible. The eye is so good at picking up on those jogs in pattern.

I checked with a friend who has just finished this scarf. She said that there should be 101sts after row 21 so you may only have one extra stitch to chase down.

Thank you for your responses! I ended up tinking 6 rows, not terrible. I also put in a lifeline. Lesson learned, back to counting every row!


Good luck with it. Sounds like you’ve worked out a good way to proceed. My friend’s scarf is stunning so I hope we get to see a photo of yours too. Beautiful pattern!

Finished! Fun, challenging enough for sure. Wish instructions included a little more on how 3 skeins play out to help decide what order to start them to emphasize colors. Definitely need to count each row. Easy to do accidental yarn overs.
Warm, cozy, just in time for fall.

Looks terrific! You chose a lovely color combination for this outstanding cowl.