Shetland wool of Jamieson & Smith and Jamiesons of Shetl

Dear Friends,

Does anybody have the experience with both suppliers of Shetland wool (Jamieson & Smith and Jamiesons of Shetland)? Is where any differences in quality, softness or any other? It would by very helpful to hear any comments from experienced knitters.


I have used Jamieson & Smith for several sweaters. I got it from .

The colors are beautiful. It’s not the softest yarn, but it’s not supposed to be. It does soften up some after being washed and worn.

I’ve had samples of Jamieson, but the J & S comes in more colors.

Hi, my experience of kinitting was virtually nil. And what I’d started I never finished.

Last year I started a Jamieson and Jamieson’s 1-ply pure shetland wool shawl using one of their patterns for forthcoming grandchild.

Things I learned were :

  1. Don’t knit in warm weather as the wool will undoubtable break.

  2. Always wash hands so they are fresh and cool before starting knitting session.

3 When not knitting, place knitting in the fridge.

Best Wishes.

Go for the Jamieson and Smith. It comes in a wider range of colors. It’s not the softest in the world, but the colorwork you can do with it! And, after a washing and a wear, it softens up a little bit.